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First Annual Family Fly Day – Mission Accomplished

After months of preparation, the local Tri-State Chapter finally completed our first Family Fly Day mission this past Saturday.  With beautiful weather and a great crowd of nearly 350 we had a wonderful inaugural event.

On hand for the day, we had help from the Warbird’s Museum with 3 of their aircraft and a fourth Navy Trainer from one of the local Sporty hangers, and then had six private aircraft of our own to conduct family rides.  Also on hand was area Bagpipe musician Michael Gregario, local magician and PFC Tri-State member Jason Hallgarth, musician Chris Hodges, along with short talks by State Representative Tom Brinkman, and County Commissioner Bob Proud.  Even making the flight were a couple of vehicles from the Batavia Fire Dept.

Before the day was over, our pilots were able to take almost 150 guest up for short flights around the Clermont County and surrounding areas.  Many of the participants and kids were taking their first flights ever.  Participating pilots were from the local chapter, the Pilots For Christ West Virginia chapter and one new pilot was assisting over from the Bethel airport.  Planes used were several Cessna 172’s, a twin engine 320 Cessna, and a single engine Arrow.

Pilots For Christ provided hot dogs and refresments to the attendees and recieved a significant amount of help with our fund raising Amaizing Grace Kettle Corn booth which was on also on-site…We look forward to hosting another of these events sometime in the future and making new connections and friends within the community.  For more, please call 513-600-1930… and check out our photo gallery on the Cincypilotsforchrist Facebook Page.

Pilots for Christ Marquis

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2015 Family Fly Day Saturday May 23rd

Cincinnati Tri-State Pilots for Christ will be hosting its first Family Fly Day on Saturday May 23rd 12:00-5:00.  As a way to introduce more families and friends to the ministry of Pilots For Christ, we will be conducting a day of fun and activities for everyone at the Clermont County Airport Hawk building located at 4180 Taylor Rd., Batavia OH 45103.

Main attractions for the day include Warbird Museum Aircraft Displays, Magic, Hot Dogs & Refreshments, Music, And…Free Plane Rides for Family and Friends.(some restrictions may apply)  The day will begin with a brief Memorial Day Program and will continue with plane rides until closing at 5:00.

Pilots For Christ is a National Organization of Pilots and Non-Pilots who use the platform of aviation as ministry to serve and share the “Best News In Life” with the community.  We conduct mercy of mission flights for needy families needing medical flights and other required transportation in and out of the Cincinnati area.  Come out and join us for a full day of fun and fellowship.  For more information, please call chapter President Jim Sutter @ 513-600-1930.

PFC Family Fly Day

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Tri-State Chapter flies mission from Arkansas.

Bob Overman and Dennis Estell flew a mission this week to the State of Arkansas to help transport Ms. Rachel Riles to Children’s Hospital here in Cincinnati. Everything went very well in flight and they are expecting to return later this week as weather permits. Ms. Riles was referred to Cincinnati Children’s for some special procedures recommended by her caring physicians at her home in Cabot Arkansas. She and her family are members of Al Shaddai Baptist Church.

Cincinnati Chapter of Pilots for Christ is part of the National Association of Pilots for Christ which has the mission to share the Good News of the Gospel Through Aviation. We consist of pilot members and non-pilot members who are involved in missions, auto-pilot programs, and PR event participation to share the ministry goals of helping families with transportation needs, and to share ministry opportunity to others. For more, please send a request to, or

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Cincinnati to host PCI Convention Oct. 8-10

Our own Cincinnati Chapter will be hosting the 2010 International Pilots for Christ Convention October 8-10.  This is a first for us here in the Tri-State and we look forward to hosting people from all over the country who are doing the work of the PCI Ministry.  Our keynote speaker will by Mr. Phil Boyer who has been the President of AOPA for the past 18 years.

Phil Boyer became president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) on January 1, 1991, capping an outstanding career as a senior-level broadcasting executive and general aviation (GA) advocate. He is a 8,500-hour-plus, instrument- and multiengine-rated pilot who has been flying for more than 30 years, 15 as an aircraft owner.

As AOPA president, Phil Boyer leads the largest and one of the most influential civil aviation organizations in the world. During his presidency, AOPA membership has grown by more than 33 percent — to 415,000 members — more than two thirds of all certificated pilots in the United States.

Under Boyer’s leadership, AOPA played a major role in the long struggle to bring balance and reason into the unbridled tort law process that nearly killed the piston-engine aircraft industry in the 1980s. Liability suits targeted manufacturers — presumably the deepest pockets — on flimsy evidence, driving many out of business. Hence AOPA’s strong advocacy, which proved vital to congressional passage, in 1994, of the General Aviation Revitalization Act. The act’s 18-year statute of limitations and other provisions served to reinvigorate general aviation.

Along with Phil will be former Thunderbird pilot and FAA Officer Mike Millard who will speak at our opening night dinner to share some of his past experiences, multimedia, and insights.

Won’t you join us here in Cincinnati for this year’s International PCI Convention.  For more information contact the National Offices, or write to:

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Pilots for Christ @ Dayton Air Show

Again this year, the Chapter had an exhibit and the Nuetrons Cherokee 6 up on display and we had a very successful weekend for the ministry. Almost a half a million people came through the front gates and spread across the infield to view two full days of exhibitions from some of the great programs that come to air shows across America. The Thunderbirds always cap off the day with an awesome display of power in the skies. The warthogs, F-22, and acrobatic teams are equally awesome. Vintage World War II aircraft, the F-4 Corsair, a P-51, and the Mitsubishi Zero “Pearl Harbor” reinactment were jawdropping.

Jim, Marvin, and Dennis at Dayton Air Show

Jim, Marvin, and Dennis at Dayton Air Show

Back at the display tent, we had an incredible interest from show attendees. We took lots of names and Emails and received a good number of donations.(a big praise there) We passed out tons of Pilots leaflets and other gospel information as well.

One of the many who signed up for more information

One of the many who signed up for more information

These events really help us to spread the “Good News” and also the news about Pilots for Christ. Take a look at the photos and we plan on posting some video here as soon as possible.

Almost one half million people passed by our booth

Almost one half million people passed by our booth

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May 18th Mission

On this past Monday the 18th, I was privileged to participate in transporting Mr. Allen Miller and his father from Cincinnati to Knoxville,TN from where he was returned to his home in Pensacola,FL. He had been flown from Cleveland,OH where, because of post-surgery complications preventing him from traveling home by car or commercial flight, was flown from there to Cincinnati. Also on board was Chuck Cook who is a long time friend of the Millers and who is a part of the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program and is an active member and flight instructor for the Alabama Chapter. It was the president of the Alabama Chapter , Tommy Lee who flew them home in the chapter’s turbo Cheyenne.

Dennis Estelle transports Allen Miller and his father to Knoxville.

Dennis Estelle transports Allen Miller and his father to Knoxville.

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Keith and Jennifer Landrum

It was a day of celebration at Sporty’s/Clermont County Airport on Saturday, May 2 as Sporty’s hosted its first wedding reception for newlyweds Keith and Jennifer (Thacker) Landrum. Keith serves as Assistant Chief Instructor for Sporty’s and has been with the company since 2004.

Keith and Jennifer’s engagement also began with an aviation theme when Keith proposed marriage while piloting a Sporty’s airplane with the help of family and friends who spelled out his message from the ground.

Sporty’s Palmer Hangar was transformed into an elegant setting for the event which included several toasts to mark the occasion; the traditional bouquet and garter toss; and of course, dancing to the wee hours. The aviation-minded guests enjoyed wedding cake in the shape of an airplane during the red and black themed reception. A WACO bi-plane, Model A Ford and Cessna Citation also served as the perfect backdrop during the memorable evening looking out over the airport.

After a honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, the newlyweds will return to Cincinnati. Congratulations Keith and Jennifer!

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National Prayer Flight May 4th

We are participating in the second annual National Day Of Prayer Flight over Frankfort Kentucky on May 7th and this will also be Tri-State Chapter’s 2nd time to fly this event. On this day private airplanes will simultaneously fly over every one of our 50 state capitals while the onboard “Prayer Warriors” will be coming before God to pray about a specific area that has been assigned by each aircrafts’ “Prayer Captain”. Lets all pray for good weather on that day.

Prayer Flight Photos

Prayer Flight Photos